Artist: Savanna Silver Band Title: Pure Silver Label: Champagne CHA7001 Year: 1977 Genre: Funky latin influenced rock My all time favourite aussie LP. The Silver Savannah Band can be played start to finish both sides with great joy. No real open drums it is a great piece of rare Australian Sanatan like funky rock. The […]

Artist: DALVANIUS AND HIS FASCINATIONS Title: Voodoo Lady / Chessboard Format: 7 inch and 12“ disco mix Label: Infinity Records/ Festival Year: 1977 Genre: Disco / Soul A national treasure in NZ little is known in OZ about this artist Dalvinus Prime. Dalvanius’ own music career started when he won a talent quest on Wellington’s […]

Artists: THE YOUNG AUSTRALIANS Title: THE YOUNG AUSTRALIANS Label: Astor ALPS 1030 Arranged and produced by John Hawker Engineer – John Sayers, John French Recorded: TCS Melbourne Year: 1970? I often have to listen to 50 plus cheesy records to find one break sometimes. Such is the case with this record. 90% cheese there is […]

GOLDFIELDS ROCK CENTRAL VICTORIAN ROCK N ROLL Comp. LABEL: GOLDFIELDS RECORDS YEAR: 1980 FORMAT: VINYL LP Had to pick this up with its great hand drawn swaggie front cover and on the back 3 pictures and great hand drawn logos for 3 Bendigo region based groups. The LP was basically a fund raising project for […]

TITLE Folklore – ‘Folklore’ 7″ EP ARTIST FOLKLORE SPEED  45rpm. YEAR 19??, CATALOGUE –  Fidelis Records, TM – 152 LOCATION – Springvale, Victoria Australia. A cursory internet search found nothing about this single, and within my next to nothing knowledge of the gospel genre, let alone Australian gospel, I am very curious about this one, […]

Artist: KERBSIDE COLLECTIVE Title: Mind The Curb Format: LP and CD Year: 2013 Label: Catacunda / Legere Recordings LEGO 054 Best jazz funk album on vinyl to come out of Brizvegas. Ft Jason Bell aka Paprika and relative of aussie jazz royalty aka Graeme Bell. Limited press of 500 I think. Essential LP for fans […]

ARTIST – Anger in Motion / Pitchfork – ‘I Could Have Been A Cop!’ / ‘Pitchfork’ split TITLE – FORMAT – 7″ 45rpm. YEAR – 1993?, LOCATION – Brisbane Australia. CATALOGUE – Splurt Records, Blow 010 Here’s a split record parted in the middle between two, very nineties make semi-thrash punk acts that probably split […]

Artist: George Patterson Title: Disco Watt Watcher Year: 1980?? Label: Telecom Review: Kasino Very rare aussie disco cheese lite promo record for the Government phone department, notorious in the early 80s for their slow service Telecom. This Melbourne made record has a white disco sound. Could be sampled by the creative producer type. Cheesy lyrics […]

                Soundwaves LP by Philip Crawshaw – 1980 Oz Synth private press Artist: Philip Crawshaw Title : Soundwaves Format: LP Label: Kanangra KL006 Review: E. Rinon This organ and synth player nicknamed himself  “The Music Man” real name Phillip Crawshaw. Was playing an organ, 2 synths, electric piano, […]

Kasino the owner of Butter Beats graffiti work can be found in this book UNCOMMISSIONED ART by Christine Dew “This ambitious survey of contemporary Australian graffiti documents, through an abundance of excellent photographs and sharp informative text, the vibrancy of this illegal street culture. Like all good books about art, Uncommissioned Art helps us better […]