Butter Beats August 2012

Butter Beats had heaps of new tunes in this week…21/8/12 400 Punk Lps and 4 boxes of 7inches.. including 

Mystery Of Sixes mage
Mystery Of Sixes

Mystery Of Sixes  – Sample  7inch 1 copy VG+ $500

Qld punk from 1982 check Wallaby Beat for more info. Rumour has it there was only 250 pressed on 7 in 1983. There is an old clip of them playing at St Lucia uni back when when 4zzz stilled called it home, check youtube.

MYSTERY OF SIXES / Mystery Of 6’s sold $250. The second single from Mystery of Sixes on Briz legend Rod McLeans Sundown label, catalogue SUN 0045. Rumour has it there was only 250 pressed on 7 in 1983.
Merv Superstar – Deviates Have More Fun 7″ Private press 1 copy, signed $400 White label with hand written label, no titles on this copy but the generic blue outer sleeve is signed by Merv. Aside is Greazefat and really greasy at that. Pure Bgrade oz pub rock hard rock, AAside includes lyrics ‘”..stick a finger up you bum.. its much more fun…” This is pure DIY genius from Sydney. Supposedly the guy now busks down at Darling Harbour in Sydney.
SHARKS – FREUD 7″ EMI Custom press 1 copy $400
PUNK NEW WAVE I dig it and was from 1983 and has the sharp end of the punk intellectual new wave stick keyboard intro and psych references.
TAPELOOPS 7″ 1 copy $50
local Briz indie New Wave
Vixen –  7″ 1 copy $50
This is a fairly rare piece of pure Bgrade pub rock ‘Greazefat’ but you got to give it to the girls I sure they would have rocked a few West Sydney pubs in their day. Aussie female lead heavy metal is limited to Cheetah and a couple of other groups we will feature later.
We had lots of Crusty Anarcho Punk come in with the same collection.. Crass, Oi Polloi….. some good strait edge in there too!!
We also had a bunch of great stoner rock LPs come in from the states Monster Magnet, Tool, even early Chilli Peppers etc. All sealed and pristine for your listening pleasure!!
MR THING from the legendary SCRATCH PERVERTS from the UK was in  BBs digging. He was super cool, knowledgable and generous dropping breaks from the multitude of choices contained within the new walls of Butter Beats in the Valley. He did a real cool gig organised by DJ KATCHButters / Hydrofunk We sold him a bunch of records including the rare Serge Ermoll Dedication record.

Mad props to Mr Thing – incredible talent, serious digger and a genuine nice guy!!


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