Butter Beats Sept 2012

Butter Beats New Arrivals 1.9.12


We love big collections at Butter Beats

September 2012 has started well with over 11000 records purchased in the first week of this start of Spring 2012

400 Dance records came in a mix of house along the ICUBE vibe with some west coast 2000- 2005, hard house Tidy Trax, Nukluez, Tin Rib, and a pile of breaks… Krafty Kuts, Against The Grain, Freq Nasty, Finger Lickin Good!!

We also had a bunch of good hip hop come in, including Doom Lp MF Food etc, Gravediggas 6 Ft Under, Black Sheep Wolf In Sheeps Clothing, Ice Cubes 1st 3 LPs, Freestyle Fellowship inner City Griots….

Butter Beats Gold Coast scored a collection of South African records including some extrmely rare South African pressings of all the Beatles LP!!!! All sold within 2 days!!!

2700 tunes came in from behind the mountains ranges of Toowoomba. A collection that came from an artist and their partner. Great people, beautiful spot and a tonne of great folk music, some aussie prog and blues, some nice Folkways comps,  bunch or rarities including….

Levi Smith Clefs

Levi Smith Clefs

LEVI SMITH CLEF – Empty Monkey LP. 1 COPY $100

The Levi Smiths LP is gorgeous  and you can check it as some maniac uploaded the whole LP too youtube co http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxALtRKG-j4

This LP turns up more in SA as it is on their Sweet Peach LP which was also the same label also some other great aussie Psychedelic Folk and Prog. Check your Pakora guide for more info. Soft beautiful dreamy psych folk and a real australian classic for this genre.

THE ID – Big Time Operator LP NM – $120



BRYCE RHODE – Straight Ahead LP VG++ $100  SOLD


The Exciting DALY WILSON with KERRI BIDDELL VG++ $50

featuresthe track  Dirty Feet which starts with a mad aussie drum break. Mobb Deep also sampled the track Elephant of this LP, on the track Infamous Loud on Shook Ones Pt II.

Hot City Bump Band

Hot City Bump Band

Hot City Bump Band – Come Together LP

2 copies both Near Mint $100 each

This is an essential LP for collectors of Australian funk and Party music simply for the brilliant cover of the Jimmy Castor Bunch tune Its Just Begun.. incredible version heavy and dark. probably the best funk tune done in oz!!

as well as a great cover of Cloud Nine by the Temptations

Here is one of the lead singles a dreadful ballad… avoid it!!


New BRISBANE address!!

11/8 Duncan Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Ph 3257 3257

Check our Gold Coast Store

21 Davenport St, Southport


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