New Record Arrivals – 2012


– we just had 600 Hip Hop records come in. Mainly Golden age LPs and a couple of classics from Oz including FINGER LICKIN GOOD- BASTARD SONS 12EP  2 copies, BASIC EQUIPMENT LP, BRAD STRUT – AUTHENTIC

– massive shipment of 200 reggae LPs from artists such as LEE PERRY, PRINCE FARI, HORACE ANDY, EASY DUB ALLSTARS

– bought 5 boxes of 45s include mint copies of SEVEN BALLERINAS ETC















we just bought 15000 lps and 7000 7s from the infamous Roxy Records. Over 250 boxes of records and books. This will be coming out over the next 3 months. The photo below is one half of what we bought…

storage unit 4











– the most unusual trade or records I have done yet… a box of aussie hip hop records for $350 and a sleeve tattoo on the previous owner.


s means Sealed

Ozzy no rest for wicked s
Megadeth rust in peace s
Motorhead kiss of death s
Dream theater systematic chaos s
Cannibal corpse the bleeding s
Cannibal corpse eaten back to life s
Sepultura roorback s
Darkthrone the cult is alive s
Greenday warning s
Fifth angel self titled s
Zz top afterburner s
Great white hooked s
Chilli peppers by the way unplayed
Slayer christ illusion s
Slayer divine intervention s
Rage against machine self titled s
Megadeth peace sells pic disc unplayed
Disturbed the sickness pic disc unplayed
The nixons foma s
Hatebreed supremacy s
Rage aginst the machine  renegades s
A perfect circle emotive s
The cult love s
Dirty looks cool from the wire s
David allen coe and cowboys from hell  rebel meets rebel s
Pigmy love circus live s
Slayer hell awaits s
Machine head burn my eyes s
Nile ithyphallic s
Monster magnet tab s
Corrosion of conformity animosity s
Dawn of azazel  the law of the strong s
Tesla the great radio controversy s
Chilli peppers mothers milk unplayed
Green day 39 smooth s
Kid rock devil without a cause s
Metallica black album unplayed
Poison open up
Methods of mayhem s
Soulfly the dark ages s x2
Cradle of filth thornography s
Testament practice what u preach s
Kid rock american baddass s
Danzig the lost tracks s
Duff mckagens loaded
Refused the shape of punk to come s
Nashville pussy high as hell s
Nashville pussy let them eat pussy s
Rolling stones great hits
Jimi hendrix war heroes
Van morrison poetic champions compose
Psycho 2
Bram stokers dracula
Corrosion of conformity blind
Faster pussicat whipped
Jackyl night of the living dead
Tesla five man acoustical jam
Ugly kid joe as ugly as they wanna be
Jackyl  jackyl
Junkyard sixes sevens and nine
Metallica reload new
Guns n roses the spaghetti s
Dream theater images and words
Cypress hill till death do us part
Acdc razors edge s
Monster magnet spine of god s
Oasis stop the clocks boxset sealed
Jackie brown tarantino new
Prodigy the fat of the land s
O brother where art thou soundtrack new
Eminem slim shady lp s
Platoon soundtrack s
Eminem encore s
Ozzy osbourne the ultimate sin
Great white twice shy x2
Megadeth peace sells
Megadeth so far so good so what
Fasterpussycat wake me when its over x2
Junkyard junkyard
Zodiac mindwarp tattooed beat messiah
Ratt reach for the sky
Circus of power self titled
Faster pussycat self titled
Ozzy no rest for the wicked
Sepultura under seige
Circus of power vices

APRIL 2012

Above the Law “V.S.O.P.” (2)
Afroman “Crazy Rap” (2)
•Tha Alkaholiks “Likwit / Only When I’m Drunk” (1)
•Tha Alkaholiks “Hip Hop Drunkies” (2)
•Tha Alkaholiks “Likwidation” (2
Tha Alkaholiks “Make Room” (1)
The Beatnuts “Off the Books” (2)
The Beatnuts “Watch Out Now” “Turn it Out” (2)
Beastie Boys “Intergalactic” (2)
Beastie Boys “Paul Revere” (1)
BIG “Party and Bullshit” (1)
Big Punisher “I’m Not A Player” “Wishful Thinking” (2)
Notorious B.I.G. “Mo Money Mo Problems” (1)
Notorious B.I.G. “Notorious” (2)
Notorious B.I.G. “Biggie” “Would you die for me” (2)
Notorious B.I.G. “Nasty Boy” (2)
Notorious B.I.G. “Juicy” “Unbelievable” (2)
Notorious B.I.G. “Victory” “Bad Boy’s Been Around the World Remix” (1)
Notorious B.I.G. “Big Papa” “Who Shot Ya?” (2)
Notorious B.I.G. “Lovin You Tonight” (2)
Black Eyed Peas “Weekends” “Get Original” (2)
Black Eyed Peas “Request Line” (2)
Black Eyed Peas “Request Line Track Masters Remix + Will I Am Remix” (2)
Black Eyed Peas “Fallin’up” “Que Dices” (2)
Busta Rymes “Turn It Up” “Rymes Galore” (1)
•Busta Rymes “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Cloud See” (2)
•Cam’ron “Horse & Carriage” (2)
Canibus “Second Round K.O.” “How We Roll” (2)
Craig Mack “Flava in Ya Ear” (1)
*Craig Mack “Get Down” (2)
*D’Angelo “Me and Those Dreamin” Eyes of Mine” (2)
Da Brat “Funkdafied” (1)
Das EFX “Real Hip Hop” (2)
Def Squad “Countdown” “The Game” (2)
De La Soul “Oooh” “Foolin” (2)
*De La Soul “Buddy” “Ghetto Thing” (2)
Dj Quick “Pitch In On a Party” “Quicker Said Than Dunn” (2)
Dj Quick “You Ain’t Fresh” “Speak On It” (2)
*DJ Pooh “Whoop! Whoop!” (2)
DMX “Whats My Name” (2)
The Dogg Pount “Knick Knack Patty Wack” (2)
*The Dogg Pound “Respect” (2)
*The Dogg Pound “New York, New York” (2)
Dr Dre “Keep Their Heads Ringin” Mack 10 “Take A Hit” (2)
Dr. Dre “The Next Episode” (2)
*Dr. Dre “Been There Done That – Video Remixes”
*Dr Dre “Nothing But A G Thing” (1)
*Dr Dre “Dre Day” “F_ck Wit Dre”
D 12 “Purple Pills” “That’s How” (2)
*E-40 “Rappers Ball”
E-40 “Nah, Nah” (2)
Eminem “I Remember” “I S*** On You” (2)
Eminem “The Real Slim Shady” (2)
Eminem, J-Black & Masta Ace “HellBound” (2)
Eminem “I’m Shady” “Guilty Conscience” (2)
Eminem “My Name is” (2)
Eminem “Bitch Please” (2)
Eminem “Stan” (2)
*En Vogue “Whatever”(2)
*Eric Sermon “Bomdigi” “Tell ‘Em” (2)
*EPMD “Never Seen Before” (2)
EPMD “So Wat Cha Sayin (1)
EPMD “The Joint” “You Gots 2 Chill” (2)
Father MC “I’ll Do 4 u” (1)
*FU-Schnickens “Breakdown” “Sneakin Up On Ya” (2)
Gang Starr “Work” (2)
Gang Starr “Royalty” (2)
Gang Starr “You Know My Steez” (2)
Gorillaz (Clint Eastwood) (2)
*Group Home “Supa Star” (2)
*Group Home “Suspended in Time” “The Realness” (2)
GZA Genius “Breaker Beaker” “Publicity” (2)
Ice Cube “Really Doe” “My Skin is My Sin” (2)
Ice Cube “Check Yo Self” (2)
Ice Cube “What Can I Do” (2)
Ice Cube “You Know How We Do It” (2)
Inspectah Deck “R.E.C. Room” (2)
*Janet Jackson “Got Til Its Gone” (2)
*Jay-Z “Who You Wit” (2)
Jay-Z “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” “You Don’t Know” (2)
Jay-Z “Big Pimpin” “Anything” (2)
Jay-Z “Can I Get A. . .” (2)
Jermaine Dupri “The Party Continues” “We Just Wanna Party” (2)
*Jermaine Dupri “Money Ain’t A Thing” (2)
John Forte “Ninty Nine” “Flash The Message” (1)
Junior Mafia “Get Money” (2)
*Junior Mafia “Players Anthem” (2)
Jurassic-5 “Improve” “Concrete Schoolyeard” (2)
Jurassic-5 “Quality Control” “Twelve” (2)
Jurassic-5 “Influence” (2)
Keith Murry “Incredible” (2)
Keith Sweat “Come Get Wit Me” “Still In The Game” (2)
King T “Freestyle Ghetto” “Let’s Get It On” (1)
Kris Kros “Tonights The Night” (1)
Kurupt “Who Ride With Us” (2)
Kurupt “Callin Out Names” (2)
The Lady of Rage “Get With Da Wickedness” (2)
Lauren Hill “Everything is Everything” “Ex-Factor” (2)
Limp Bizkit “N 2 Gether Now” (2)
LL Cool J “Phenomenon” “Hot, Hot, Hot” (2)
*LL Cool J “Radio” (1)
Ludacris “What’s Your Fantasy” (2)
Ludacrus “Area Codes” (2)
Mack 10 “From the Streets” (2)
Mase “What you Want” “Will They Die For You” (1)
Master Ace “Music Man” “Ace is Wild” (1)
Master P “Make Em’ Say Uhh!” (2)
Master P “Ghetto D” (2)
MC Lyte “Keep on, Keein On” (1)
Method Man “Dangerous Grounds” “Month of The Man” (1)
Method Man “Judgement Day” (1)
Method Man “Bring the Pain” “P.L.O. Style” (2)
Method Man “Tear It Off” (2)
*Method Man “All I Need” (1)
Method Man “How High ” (1)
Missy Elliott “Supa Dupa Fly” (2)
Mobb Deep “Survival of The Fittest” (2)
*Mobb Deep “Front Lines” (1)
Mobb Deep “Rare Species” (2)
Mobb Deep “Quit Storm” (2)
*Mobb Deep “Drop A Gem On “Em” (2)
M.O.P. “Ante Up” (2)
*Nas “If I Ruled The World” (2)
*Nas “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” (2)
Nas “Nas Is Like” (2)
Nas “Street Dreams” “Affirmative Action” (1)
Nas “Hate Me Now” “Blaze a 50″ (2)
Nas “Nastradamus” (2)
*Nas “One Love” (2)
Nautey by Nature “Jamboree” (2)
Naughty by Nature “OPP” “Wickedest Man Alive” (1)
N.W.A. “Chin Check” (1)
*Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Got Your Money” “Rollin Wit You” (2)
112 “Anywhere” (1)
Onyx “Shut “Em Down” “Raze it Up” (2)
Outkast “Ms Jackson” (2)
Outkast “Jazzy Belle” (1)
Outkast “So Fresh, So Clean” “Gangsta Sh*t” (2)
Peter Gunz + Lord Tariq “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)” “Marmalade” (2)
Pete Rock “Tru Master” (2)
Pharcyde “Trust” (2)
The Psycho Realm “The Stone Garden” (2)
*Puff Daddy “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” (1)
*Puff Daddy “Its All About the Benjamins” (2)
*Puff Daddy Remix Sting & The Police featuring Pras “Roxanne” (2)
Q-Tip “Vivrant Thing” (2)
Q-Tip “Breathe & Stop” (2)
Q-Tip “Higher” “Let’s Ride” (2)
Queen Latifah “It’s Alright” (2)
*Queen Pen “Party Ain’t A Party” “All My Love” (2)
*Rakim “When I B On Tha Mic” “Flow Forever” (2)
Rappers Delight featuring Erik Sermon, Keith Murray & Redman
Redman “It’s Like That” (2)
Redman “I’ll Bee Dat” (2)
Redman “Whateva Man” (2)
*Redman “Pick it Up” “Yesh Yesh Ya’ll” (2)
Redman “Rockafella” (2)
*Refugee Camp All Stars “Avenues”
4th Avenue Jones “Respect” “Rules of the Game” (2)
*The Roots “Adrenaline” (2)
The Roots “Without A Doubt” “The Next Movement” (2)
The Roots “You Got Me” (1)
The Roots “What you Want” (2)
Shaggy “It Wasn’t Me” (2)
Shaquille O’Neal “Do It Faster” “Bounce” (2)
*Shaquille O’Neal “Straight Plain” (2)
Shaquille O’Neal “Men Of Steal” (2)
Shyne “Bad Boyz” (2)
Sisqo “Got to Get it” (2)
Sisqo “Thong Song” (2)
Slick Rick “Street Talkin’” “I Own America” (2)
Snoop Dogg “Murder Was The Case” (1)
*Snoop Dogg “Doggfather” “Midnight Love” (2)
Snoop Dogg “B-Please” (2)
Snoop Dogg “Just Dippin”
Snoop Dogg “Still A G Thang” (2)
Snoop Dogg “Ride On (Caught Up)” (2)
*Snoop Dogg “Snoop’s Upside Ya Head” (2)
*Snoop Dogg “Gin And Juice” (2)
*Snoop Dogg “What’s My Name” (1)
Snoop Dogg “ILuvIt” (2)
Snoop Dogg “G’d Up” (2)
Snoop Dogg “Got Beef” (2)
Tash “Rap Life” (2)
Tash “Pimpin Ain’t Easy” (2)
Timberland & Magoo “Up Jumps Da Boogie” (2)
TLC “No Scrubs” (2)
Tribe Called Quest “Find A Way” “Steppin It Up” (2)
*Tribe Called Quest “Check The Rhime” “Award Tour” (2)
Tribe Called Quest “once Again” (2)
*2 Pac “California Love” (2)
*2 Pac “2 of Americaz Most Wanted” (2)
*2 Pac “How Do You Want It” “Hit “Em Up” (1)
2 Pac “Who Do You Believe In” (2)
2 Pac “Until the End of Time” (2)
2 Pac “Toss it Up” (2)
2 Pac “Dear Mama” (2)
2 Pac “Baby Don’t Cry” (2)
Usher “You Make Me Wanna” (2)
*Warren G “I want It All” (1)
*Warren G “Lookin At You” (2)
WC “Just Clownin” (2)
Westside Connection “Let IT Reign” (2)
Westside Connection “Bow Down” (2)
Wu Tang “Protect Ya Neck” “Method Man” (2)
Wyclef Jean “Gone Till November” (2)
Wyclef Jean “Guantanamera” (2)
Xzibit “X” (2)
Xibit “Year 2000″ (1)
Xibit “Paparazzi” (1)
Xibit “Celebrity Deathmatch” “The Last Emperor” (2)
Death Row Geatest Hits
Dr. Dre 2001 (Full regular + Full Instrumental)
Eminem “The Slim Shady”
Notorious B.I.G. “Life After Death”
Notorious B.I.G. “Born Again”
The Fugees “The Score”
Gang Starr “Full Clip”
Life (Motion Picture)
LL Cool J “Bad – Bigger Deffer”
Mack 10 “The Recipe”
Naughty By Nature “Greatest Hits” (2)
Outkast “Aquemini”
Outkast “Atliens” (Full Regular + Full Instrumental)
Afu-Ra “Whirlwind Thru Cities” “Trilogy of Terror” (1)
*Afu-Ra “Equality” “Bring it Right” (2)
Afu Ra “Voodoo Child” (2)
Akbar “Live Long” “Hot Ya Not” (1)
Akbar “Hot Ya Not” Hip Hop Is” (1)
Akrobatik “Internet MC’s” “Sport Center” (2)
Alps Cru “Just Can’t Explain” “All Alone” (1)
*Artifacts “The Ultimate” (2)
B-1 “Cardinal Sins” “The Life We Lead” (2)
Bahamadia “Commonwealth” (2)
Big L “Ebonics” “Size ‘Em Up” (2)
*Big L “On The Mic” “Flamboyant” (2)
Big L “Holdin It Down”
Big L “Deadly Combination” (2)
Black Moon “Unreleased Beats” (2)
Black Moon “Two Turntables & A Mic” (2)
Black Moon “Worldwind” (2)
Black Moon “Black Smif-N-Wessun” (2)
Brass Munk “Live Ordeal” “Rise Up” “Serious Business” (2)
Buckshot “Follow Me” “No Joke” (2)
Buckshot “Warzone” (2)
Buckshot “Onslaught” “Showdown” (2)
Buc Fifty “Metal’s Advocate” “Permanent Scars” (2)
Bumpy Knuckles “Bumpy Knuckles Baby” “Stock in The Game” (2)
Bumpy Knuckles “A Part of My Life” “Devious Minds” (2)
Bumpy Knuckles “R.N.S.” “The Mastas” “The ChanceSellor” (2)
Bumpy Knuckles “Tell ‘Em I’m Here” (2)
Cage “Suicidal Failure” “The Weather Report” Dust vs. Ecstasy” (2)
Chino XL “Let ‘Em Live” (2)
*Choclair “Let’s Ride” “Bare Witness” (2)
Choclair “Twenty One Years” “Father Time” (2)
Choclair “Flagrant” (2)
Cocoa Brovaz “More Fire” (2)
Cocoa Brovaz “Black Trump” “The Cash” (2)
Common “The 6th Sense” “Dooinit” (2)
Common “1999″ (2)
Company Flow “End to End Burners” (2)
Crooked I “Dj’s and Mc’s” (2)
*Darc Mind “Outside Looking In” (2)
Deadly Snakes “Culebras de Muerte” “Wild West” (2)
Defari “Blast” Jigmastas “Let Me Hear It” (2)
Defari “Juggle One” “Lowland’s Anthem pt. 1″ (2)
Defari “Say It Twice” (2)
Del “If You Must” (2)
De La Soul “Stakes is High” “Bizness” (2)
Dilated Peoples “Rework The Angels” “Guaranteed” “Work the Angels” (2)
Dilated Peoples “Basics” “Music Money & Women” (2)
Dilated Peoples “Copenhagen” (2)
Dilated Peoples “No Retreat” (2)
Dilated Peoples “The Platform” “Annihilation” (2)
Dilated Peoples “Third Degree” “Confidence” “Global Dynamics” (2)
Dilated Peoples “Work the Angels” “The Main Event” “Triple Optics” (2)
D.I.T.C. “Day One”
*D.I.T.C. “The Enemy” “Internationally Known” (2)
D.I.T.C. “Thick
Dj Revolution “Revidence” “Evolution” (1)
Dj Revolution “Ultimate Weapon” “Revolution” “1.2+1″ “Juggle Me pt.2″ (2)
*The East Flashbush Project “Tried By 12″ (2)
EDO.G “On Dogz” “Too Much” “Sayin Somthin Remix” (2)
Encore “Filthy” “Ice Age” (2)
Everlast “Praise The Lord” “Pain Killers” (2)
Everlast “Whitey” “Deadly Assassins” “Children’s Story” “One, Two” (2)
Grand Agent “Know the Legend” (2)
*Grand Puba “I Like It” (2)
*Group Therapy “East Coast / West Coast Killas-Remixes” (2)
Insane Poetry “Let Em Know” “Shroom Vision” “Calico Flows” (2)
*Jeru The Damaja “Come Clean” (1)
*Jeru The Damaja “You Can’t Stop The Prophet” (2)
Jeru The Damaja “Me or the Papes” (1)
Jeru The Damaja “Ya Playin Yaself” (2)
Jeru The Damaja “El Presidente” (1)
*Kaliwild “Rythmatic Explosion” “Mission Impossible / Pitfall Pt. 2″ (2)
Kool G Rap “The Streets” (1)
Large Professor “Bout That Time” “Live Guy Saga” (2)
Large Professor “Blaze Rymez” “Back to Back” (2)
LA Symphony “Broken Tape Decks” “What You Say” (2)
LMNO / Madlib “Head Lock” “Commercial Rap” (2)
LMNO “Hit the Fence” “Courage” (1)
*Lords of the Underground “Flow On” “Lords Prayer” (1)
*The Large Professor “The Mad Scientist” “Spacey” “Listen” (2)
Mad Skillz “Together” “One Two Theory” “Ghost Writer” “One, Two Theory” (2)
M-Boogie “Bustin” “B-Boy” (2)
M-Boogie “The Real” (1)
M-Boogie “Someone to Hate” “Land in Full” (2)
M-Boogie “A Different Design” (1)
Maseo “Words and Verbs” “Get Used to It” (2)
Medina Green “Crosstown Beef” “Fla La Lashe” (2)
Mos Def “Ms Fat Booty 2″ “The Grimy Way” (2)
Mos Def “Body Rock” “Manifesto” (2)
Mos Def “Definition” “Twice Inna Lifetime” (2)
Mos Def “Fortified Live” “2000 Seasons” (1)
Mos Def “Umi Says” (2)
*Mos Def “Respiration” (2)
Mos Def “Ms Fat Booty” “Do it Now” “Mathematics” (2)
Mos Def “Oh No” (2)
Mr Complex “Stabbin You” “Gitch Gitcha Gitcha” (2)
Mr Complex “Why Don’t Cha” “Visualize” (1)
Mykill Miers “Who Am I” “Do the Math” “World War 1″ (1)
Official “Eight Steps To Perfection” “Vital Nerve” (1)
Organized Confusion “Somehow, Someway” “Numbers” (1)
Organized Confusion “Numbers” (2)
Pharoahe Monch “Simon Says” (2)
Pharoahe Monch “Right Here” (2)
Pharoahe Monch “What is The Law” Kurupt “Behind the Walls” (1)
*Phife Dawg / Top Dog “Cabbin Stabbin” (2)
Phil The Agony “Clear The Lane” (1)
Phil The Agony “Blunted” (2)
Planet Asia “Place of Birth” “The Professional” (2)
*Planet Asia “Bringin It Back”
Prodigy “Keep It Thoro” (2)
Quasimoto “Boom Music” “Come on Feet” (2)
Peanut Butter Wolf “Run The Line” (1)
Ras Kass “Won’t Catch Me Runnin” “Remain Anonymous” (1)
*Ras Kass “Anything Goes” “Nature of the Threat” “Live from C-Arson” (2)
Rip Shop “Versus” “Crabfakers” “Transmitt” (2)
*Royce 59 “Boom” “Soldier’s Story” (2)
*Royce 59 “Boom” “We’re Live” (2)
RA The Rugged Man “Till My Heart Stops F/8-Off” “Flipside” (2)
*Redfoo & Dre Kroon “Life is a Game of Chess” “+ Remix” (2)
*Royal Flush “World Wide” (2)
Royal Flush “Iced Down Medailian” “Shines” (1)
*Saukrates “Father Time” (2)
•Sadat X “X-Man” “Ka-Ching” (2)
*Sadat X “The Lump Lump” (2)
Sadat X “You Can’t Deny” “Cock It Back” (2)
Scritti Politti “Tinseltown To The Boogiedown” (2)
Self Scientific “Run the Depth” “Degress” (1)
*Shabaam Sahdeeq “Sound Clash” “5 Star General” (2)
Shabaam Sahdeeq “3-D” (2)
Shabaam Sahdeeq “Are You Ready” “Concrete” (2)
Shape Shifters “Circuit City” “We R The Dinosaur” (1)
Smif-N-Wessun “Let’s Git It On”
*Smif-N-Wessun “Sound Bwoy Bureill Remix” “Wrekonize” (2)
Smut Peddlers “First Name Smut” “For The Record” (2)
Souls of Mischief “Medication” “Acupuncture” (2)
Soundbombing 2 “B-Boy Document 99″ “Chaos” (2)
Soundbombing 2 “On Mission” “Every Rhyme I Write” (2)
Soundbombing 2 “Any Man” “WWIII” (2)
Soundbombing 2 “Next Universe” “Patriotism” “When it Pours It Rains” (2)
*Superrappin Phife Dawg “Bend Ova” “Thought U Wuz Nice” (2)
*Swollen Members “Temptation” “Dark Riders” (2)
Talib Kweli & Hi Tek “Move Somethin” “Good Morning” (2)
Talib Kweli & Hi Tek “The Express” “Some Kind Of Wonderful” (2)
Talib Kweli & Hi Tek “The Blast” (2)
Thirstin Howl III “Brooklyn Hard Rock” “The Message” “Spit Boxers” (2)
The High & Mighty “Dirty Decibels” “Weed” (2)
The High & Mighty “Dick Starbuck” “Top Prospects” “High Performance” (2)
Ugly Duckling “I Did It Like This” (1)
Visionaries “Dj’s MC’s” “Reach” (2)
Visionaries “Audible Angels” “Self Esteem” (2)
Visionaries “Love” “Blessing” (2)
Visionaries “Together or Separate” “Come One Coma All” “Peace MIC” (2)
*Walkin Large “Reachin (for my people)” “When I flow (feat Jeru the Damaja)” (2)
Writers Block “Poetry Explains” “Situations” “Apples & Oranges” (2)
Writers Block “Basically” “Truth Serum” “So Far” (2)
Afu-Ra “Body of the Life Force”
Arsonists “As The World Burns”
M-Boogie “Laid In Full”
Company Flow “Breaks End Instrumentals Vol. 1″ (2)
Rawkus Presents Heavy Beats Vol. 1 DJ Spinna
Sway & King Tech featuring Dj Revolution “This or That” (2)
Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 2
Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 3
Dj Rectangle “The Scratch Masters Revenge Vol 1″
Beats & Lyrics (4 records)
M-Boogie “Bouncin Boogie Beats” “Double Dutch Cuts”
Back Sliding Turkey Kuts
Black Label “Hip Hop 101″
Rawkus Records “Hip Hop For Respect”

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