Paris dropped in from Melbourne 10.8.2010

This is courtesy of Paris’s blog… Check Paris’s blog here

I headed up to Brisbane to attend a vintage BMX show and had to catch up with some old school friends that I hadn’t seen for 20+ years! So i had no choice but to leave a mark again and paint a few pieces for the few days i had spare.I caught up with a long lost old school friend Kasino who has a few cool lifestyle stores in Brisbane but the Valley store was the place we ended up painting in the back car park. It was perfect timing to do this piece as construction was in process to make way for the area to be used as a Sunday artists market and our piece added as a cool backdrop for the new set up.The piece has a traditional graf sticker style piece (my specialty) and Kasino painted the well known Story Bridge and river with a night skyline of a few buildings. A classic b-boy style character was added on one side and seeing i was attending a BMX show Kasino wanted to include the B-boy riding a BMX.  Cool!

I also caught up with an old school Melbourne friend who I originally went to Brisbane with for the first time back in 87 and we ended up piecing a few places around town. I promised him that when i come up again, I’ll get busy and bust out a Paris classic piece on canvas for him. All I can say is that the weather up north is real good, warm and sunny and we’re still in winter! It was great to paint in the back yard along with clear blue skies! My mate was loving every minute to see some spray can action happen after all the years and since then he’s been talking to draw again so I think a little corruption has evolved! …all in the name of fun i say.

Cheers, P.

His piece with Kasino is still there behind 676 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, BRISBANE.

Check Paris’s blog here
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