Bhat Cave!

Travelling through Westend you are bound to see stickers that have the word ‘BHATS’ marked across them, you might even come across one of Bhats’ art works at a few cafes around Brisbane. Bhats is a unique artist who has developed a simply style, which has been executed nicely. So who is Bhats? Read on to find out;

Who are you? And when did you start?
Bhats, I started tagging in high school with my surf gang. I met some writers by chance and somehow I fit in. After a while I wanted to paint things besides letters 

Do your characters represent anything?

They don’t represent any specific person or idea and it changes from peice to peice. It is ambiguous.

Do you prefer letters or characters?
Both. Depends on the spot, how much paint I have and how I’m feeling. I don’t care for “graffiti vs street art”. It is the same for me.

What are your plans for the new year?
Travelling, painting

Been chased lately? 
Not chased in a while just verbally discouraged.

How does society approach your work?
I don’t think about that too much. Some people are into it, some people like it because it’s on a wall, some people hate it because it’s on a wall, some people hate everything, some people hate it because it’s not letters. I guess most people just wouldn’t notice.
Any last words?
1LS, msg, xii, horse, molly 168, wbc, hi zrf

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