December 2012 – Customer of the Month

We had a number of customers with “Celebrity” status this month including Marty from THE CHURCH who was treated to a special visit to the basement stash. I first meet Marty down in ImageSydney at the Glebe Record Fair. He is an avid collector with a wide range of taste and one of the nicest guys in the industry. Why tried to find something instore for Marty to sign but we could not find anything. As I said to him it confirms the continued popularity of this iconic Australian group.


We also had Nick from Tame Impala drop in again. We paid us the best compliment in years ” finally a record store that does what its supposed to, they recommended the record I should have walked in asking for!!” Classic!!

Out of interest for you train spotters out there the record was the Volition comp of the Australian group Scattered Order, minimal synth art rock

Artist : Scattered Order

Title:  Comfort
Label: Volition – VOLT 14
Format: 2 LP Album Compilation
Country: Australia
Released: May 1988

Nowadays it sells usually for around $70 or more but we let him off and charged $40….

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