For those who missed out…

To all those who didn’t get the chance to go to the Hole in the Wall exhibit, we thought we should catch up with Fintan Magee to see what he’s been up to, Magee has been producing great work for quite sometime now, one of Fintant’s projects can be seen opposite Cooparoo station on the Cleveland line. Want to know more about this talented artist? Read on;


Who are you and when did you get started?
Mr Magee, full time artist, I started as a small child but only got stupid with it in my

What do you think will happen if there are 2012 floods?
My riverside mansion is going the f@#k under.

Who inspires you?
To many artists to count, but since you asked I will indulge in some shameless name
dropping, I look a lot at work at the guys that are doing more mural based street work
like, Gaia, ROA, Jaz, Shida, Gimiks born, Best Ever, the list goes on…also my pops

Has anyone got beef with you?

Only the A&R that plays the electric guitar.

Has your work got any hidden messages?
Hidden messages? Yeah but I prefer if people can take there own meanings away
from my work. I guess I like making art that can make people curious and get people
thinking a little, why spoil it by writing a two-paragraph artist statement explaining
everything I do.

Street art or graffiti?

The only difference between the two is an @$$holes opinion.

Have you had any injuries from painting?

Nothing to horrific, I have twisted my ankle a couple of times jumping fences or
whatever. I have also cut my hands on barbwire on a bunch of occasions for the same

Have you ran into any trouble with the boys in blue?
My last arrest was in Belgium a few years back for my usual disorderly behaviour. I
spent a couple of nights in a holding cell with two gypsies that were being deported, it
sucked but at least the food was decent. These days I am getting pretty tame in my old
age. Jail isn’t my thing really.

Any last words?

Back to the future was a great trilogy, the matrix wasn’t.


For more of Fintan Magee’s work check out;

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