Late Christmas Egg…NOG

If you’re on the Gold Coast you’ll be sure to see plenty of Chrome Throwies, Tags and Highway pieces. You can give thanks to Nogy for playing part of the Gold Coast scene, pushing some clean and simple tags and throw-up Nog’s got styyyyyyle! And we can’t forget his pieces which are something to drool over… Sink your teeth into this interview we have done with OZNOG A’S XII
Who are you?
oznog  a’s xii 
When did you first start painting? 
when i was 15
How did you get your name? 
off the hit tv show The Muppets (gonzo) flip it you get oznog, i also write nogy 
Had any injuries while you’ve been out on a mission?
only downies get injured  
Have you got any beef?
no i gots no beef none that i know of
What’s your favourite colour?
moss green 
What’s your favourite brand of paint?
94 is buttery; exports the goods what ever is around realy 
What do you love about graffiti?
all the good people iv met along the way and its always changing

What do you hate about graffiti?
im always late for dinner and my gf is asleep (dang)
Who inspires you?
everyone at some point
Want to send a message to the haters?
smile its free
Any last words?
peace to everyone in my crews and my mum and a shout to my man yoder











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