Jason Woodward aka Kasino talking on ABC Radio

Jason Dax Woodward


Jason Dax Woodward is an aerosol artist, or muralist, also known as Kasino

Broadcast date: Friday 14 September 2012

Jason was thirteen years old when he first noticed political graffiti around Sydney. His own earliest efforts were simple tagging with ‘appropriated’ paint.

Over the years he’s painted trains, taken part in the scene in New York and L.A, and seen street-art rise from the street to the gallery.

Now a commissioned mural artist and owner of a record store, he says he’s always been drawn to explore life’s seamier side.

Although he has a Masters of Fine Art and holds successful gallery shows himself, Jason generally disdains the so-called ‘art world’.  He also says he finds the desecration of heritage buildings with billboards and bad architecture more offensive than the work of many street artists.

Jason’s work appears in a landmark book on Australian Graffiti. Uncommissioned Art: an A-Z Of Australian Graffiti by Christine Dew is published by Melbourne University Press.

Interview originally broadcast September, 2007.


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