Anger in Motion / Pitchfork – ‘I Could Have Been A Cop!’ / ‘Pitchfork’ split

ARTIST – Anger in Motion / Pitchfork – ‘I Could Have Been A Cop!’ / ‘Pitchfork’ split


FORMAT – 7″ 45rpm.

YEAR – 1993?,

LOCATION – Brisbane Australia.

CATALOGUE – Splurt Records, Blow 010

Here’s a split record parted in the middle between two, very nineties make semi-thrash punk acts that probably split the cost of this press between the members that could afford it at the time. Anger in Motion, to my knowledge continue to this day, having from my memory played a showing of the Amebix film Árisen’ at the since closed Globe theater. But that Amebix connection is not a real measure of what to expect here, a song very clear in it’s intent. Vocal mix loud and clearly announciated, a picture sleeve that depicts a brick solid security plus rabid collar dog courting a tiny doofus skate-dweeb wearing an Ánger in Motion’ t shit.

Behind the driven angst behind the powerchord – ds-1 combo of the time, one of these guys got told off by a security guard, and this here song is their petty prize. Quiver in yer cargo shorts!.

Pitchfork play with fundamentally the same elements AIM do, minus the clear teenage-ed expression that AIM convey with their written on a lined school notepad ode to those who ‘failed the I.Q test to become a police man, but still want to feel like Judge Dredd. I was going to write something about even the Dredd reference can’t age the song any more than the power chord buzz, but I look outside, and there are buses with ads for a ‘new Dredd film, and Violent Soho are one more haircut away from their own star on the valley mall..

Rarity: **

Value: $20

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