Folklore – ‘Folklore’ 7″ EP, Oz Gospel

TITLE Folklore – ‘Folklore’ 7″ EP


SPEED  45rpm.

YEAR 19??,

CATALOGUE –  Fidelis Records, TM – 152

LOCATION – Springvale, Victoria Australia.

A cursory internet search found nothing about this single, and within my next to nothing knowledge of the gospel genre, let alone Australian gospel, I am very curious about this one, and especially this guy who all six(!) songs are about. The opener, ‘Ain’t No Use Runnin” starts with a choral chant that nails the overall tediously incessant theme of the record to my patient cross, I’m listening.

I struggle to think of what this single was for. Reaffirming archaic lifestyle decisions in small doses?. I know this attitude I take to this single could probably be applied to most anything in the gospel genre, so I’ll get to what might make this one unique. It was released on a label called ‘Fidelis’, which was based in Vermont, Victoria. Finding nothing about ‘Fidelis’ on the internet, I can only assume it was a very small enterprise, so I’ll give them that. The songs are quite pleasant, it’s 60’s grade god folk, but it’s message determines whether it’ll sink or swim in your vinyl pile. ‘Keep the rumour going, that god is alive’.

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