Soundwaves LP by Philip Crawshaw – 1980 Oz Synth private press










Soundwaves LP by Philip Crawshaw – 1980 Oz Synth private press

Artist: Philip Crawshaw

Title : Soundwaves

Format: LP

Label: Kanangra KL006

Review: E. Rinon

This organ and synth player nicknamed himself  “The Music Man” real name Phillip Crawshaw. Was playing an organ, 2 synths, electric piano, a trumpet and a computerized drum unit have also decided he can sing which is the let down on this piece of vinyl for me, otherwise a really interesting piece. Yes like everyone else in the moog game (and this is from 1980, kinda late for a moog record, and no redeeming interesting cover versions of electronic disco trax a la EMS Adelaide style) has mainly known Old themes some from movies/TV (Love Boat, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, The Gambler) and even Star Wars. Do not expect anything like the Meco –  Star Wars though, Crawshaw’s are more like the French cosmic era. Versions from Danny Boddin & Philippe Renaux and this has a couple of good moments albeit uses early Tangerine Dream like pitch changes which makes it sound a bit dated imo. Other redeeming feature is an original composition called “Liebestraume” which also sounds kinda “cosmic”

The rest is simply ruined by the really bad vocals. From the back cover I gathered Phillip was playing in pubs, Shopping Malls in Sydney, clubs and even some P&O Cruises which explains a bit about why he chose to sing, but trust me this would have been much better had the guy kept his mouth shut.  Not 100% sure but I think the producer here (Peter Richardson) was in the seminal  M Squared band: The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast, so I’m sure this could have turned up much better J.

Only one and a bit good tracks for me so 5 out of 10.

soundwaves label

Kasino Review – I picked my copy up of this near Newcastle itself. I knew it had to be cheese judging by his creditials as a hign school teacher, outfit on the front cover,  and P and O cruise work. The instruments and his cover shot on the beach cliffs had me intrigued. I live in hope so I picked it up. Great cheese cover with really early use of synth on an Oz indie/ private press on the obscure Kanangra label.  Must be limited to 500 copies at most. No drums but a few bits for the Dilla minded producer.

This record is the very reason I have never gone on a P and O cruise.

Value: $10 to $25 but for completists only.

Rarity *** Very rare outside of Newcastle area.

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