Savanna Silver Band – Oz Funk Latin LP

Artist: Savanna Silver Band

Title: Pure Silver

Label: Champagne CHA7001

Year: 1977

Genre: Funky latin influenced rock

My all time favourite aussie LP. The Silver Savannah Band can be played start to finish both sides with great joy. No real open drums it is a great piece of rare Australian Sanatan like funky rock. The track Why is my fav on the LP and it is sublime lyrically and musically in that Latin LA style laidback adult funk rock vein.


Simply amazing sounding LP, incredibly well produced and I have meet a few people who saw them live and they were equally talented on stage. A deep LP lyrically and sound wise a must for those that love Santana style grooves. It still amazes me to compare this LP to other things happening in Oz at the time.

The cover drew me in originally when I saw it. Totally different to the marketpalce at the time. Brilliantly simple graphic design which saws nothing about the music. I presume though it is the silohette of some latin butterfly. I have a deaths head version of this butterfly tattooed on my inner arm by the brilliant Matt Cunnington at Westside Brisbane. Tthe inside cover said it all to me as pictured below.Years later I was super excited to see a red cover LP by this group, I hoped it was a different LP. Sadly it was the same LP but rereleased on Image and retitled It “Takes A Woman”.



01 – Ruby Running Faker (3:28)
02 – Like I Do (5:33)
03 – Chaser (0:43)
04 – Coming Home (4:17)
05 – It Takes A Woman (4:20)
06 – Take A Giant Step (4:21)
07 – Why (3:00)
08 – Foolish People (3:59)
09 – Mr. Featherman (5:00)
10 – Just Remember (4:43)
Band Members:
Michael Savanna Silver (Lead Vocals, Guitar [12 String], Synthesizer, Gong, Percussion)
Paul Wheeler (Bass)
Mel Stainton (Clarinet)
Alejandro Pertout Navarro (Congas, Timbales, Percussion [Latin])
Anthony Doyle (Drums, Percussion)
Tony Pedroza (Guitar)
Graham Jenks (Rhythm Guitar)
Meryle Petein , Olga Binos (Backing Vocals)
Russell Smith (Saxophone)
Miguel Carranza (Trombone)
John McCulloch , Tim Fettes (Trumpet)

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