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Disco Watt 7 inch Oz Funk Disco

Artist: George Patterson Title: Disco Watt Watcher Year: 1980?? Label: Telecom Review: Kasino Very rare aussie disco cheese lite promo record for the Government phone department, notorious in the early 80s for their slow service Telecom. This Melbourne made record has a white disco sound. Could be sampled by the creative producer type. Cheesy lyrics […]

Soundwaves LP by Philip Crawshaw – 1980 Oz Synth private press

                Soundwaves LP by Philip Crawshaw – 1980 Oz Synth private press Artist: Philip Crawshaw Title : Soundwaves Format: LP Label: Kanangra KL006 Review: E. Rinon This organ and synth player nicknamed himself  “The Music Man” real name Phillip Crawshaw. Was playing an organ, 2 synths, electric piano, […]

UNCOMMISSIONED ART Book featuring Kasino

Kasino the owner of Butter Beats graffiti work can be found in this book UNCOMMISSIONED ART by Christine Dew “This ambitious survey of contemporary Australian graffiti documents, through an abundance of excellent photographs and sharp informative text, the vibrancy of this illegal street culture. Like all good books about art, Uncommissioned Art helps us better […]

Jason Woodward aka Kasino talking on ABC Radio Jason Dax Woodward is an aerosol artist, or muralist, also known as Kasino Broadcast date: Friday 14 September 2012 Jason was thirteen years old when he first noticed political graffiti around Sydney. His own earliest efforts were simple tagging with ‘appropriated’ paint. Over the years he’s painted trains, taken part in the scene in […]

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About Butter Beats

Butter Beats Record Stores.The home of hard to find records & CDs, guaranteed fresh! – Purveyors of the finest urban literature, collectables and clothing. This is Butter Beats, serving South East Queensland and beyond since the summer of ’98! From graff to hip-hop to trance to reggae to rock to funk, Butter Beats go yo’ […]

Bhat Cave!

Travelling through Westend you are bound to see stickers that have the word ‘BHATS’ marked across them, you might even come across one of Bhats’ art works at a few cafes around Brisbane. Bhats is a unique artist who has developed a simply style, which has been executed nicely. So who is Bhats? Read on […]