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UNCOMMISSIONED ART Book featuring Kasino

Kasino the owner of Butter Beats graffiti work can be found in this book UNCOMMISSIONED ART by Christine Dew “This ambitious survey of contemporary Australian graffiti documents, through an abundance of excellent photographs and sharp informative text, the vibrancy of this illegal street culture. Like all good books about art, Uncommissioned Art helps us better […]

Jason Woodward aka Kasino talking on ABC Radio Jason Dax Woodward is an aerosol artist, or muralist, also known as Kasino Broadcast date: Friday 14 September 2012 Jason was thirteen years old when he first noticed political graffiti around Sydney. His own earliest efforts were simple tagging with ‘appropriated’ paint. Over the years he’s painted trains, taken part in the scene in […]

Bhat Cave!

Travelling through Westend you are bound to see stickers that have the word ‘BHATS’ marked across them, you might even come across one of Bhats’ art works at a few cafes around Brisbane. Bhats is a unique artist who has developed a simply style, which has been executed nicely. So who is Bhats? Read on […]


Lush is the loser that’s wrong with this country!   One worried Altona North resident, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, once said “This loser is all that’s wrong with this country. Work hard, get attacked. Be a criminal loser and you are an internet superstar.” …Well this criminal loser has some talent […]

Brisbane Flood Trains 2011

FLOOD TRAINS Brisbane 2011  

Christmas 2011 Ironlak Tees

Christmas is coming!!   Looking for a last minute Christmas gift? Butter Beats has got you covered! Ironlak tees now in store!  Come in for great Christmas deals!!    


For those who missed out…   To all those who didn’t get the chance to go to the Hole in the Wall exhibit, we thought we should catch up with Fintan Magee to see what he’s been up to, Magee has been producing great work for quite sometime now, one of Fintant’s projects can be seen opposite Cooparoo station […]


Late Christmas Egg…NOG   If you’re on the Gold Coast you’ll be sure to see plenty of Chrome Throwies, Tags and Highway pieces. You can give thanks to Nogy for playing part of the Gold Coast scene, pushing some clean and simple tags and throw-up Nog’s got styyyyyyle! And we can’t forget his pieces which […]

Weekend Edition 7.8.12 Story about the return to the Valley

Butter Beats moves base to Fortitude Valley Avid fans of the world of music will undoubtedly be familiar with Butter Beats. The record store has resided in Brisbane City since 1998 but has now made its move across town to a larger premises at the top of the Chinatown Mall. For collectors, or even casual […]

Paris dropped in from Melbourne 10.8.2010

This is courtesy of Paris’s blog… Check Paris’s blog here I headed up to Brisbane to attend a vintage BMX show and had to catch up with some old school friends that I hadn’t seen for 20+ years! So i had no choice but to leave a mark again and paint a few pieces for the […]