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Late Christmas Egg…NOG   If you’re on the Gold Coast you’ll be sure to see plenty of Chrome Throwies, Tags and Highway pieces. You can give thanks to Nogy for playing part of the Gold Coast scene, pushing some clean and simple tags and throw-up Nog’s got styyyyyyle! And we can’t forget his pieces which […]

Weekend Edition 7.8.12 Story about the return to the Valley

Butter Beats moves base to Fortitude Valley Avid fans of the world of music will undoubtedly be familiar with Butter Beats. The record store has resided in Brisbane City since 1998 but has now made its move across town to a larger premises at the top of the Chinatown Mall. For collectors, or even casual […]

Paris dropped in from Melbourne 10.8.2010

This is courtesy of Paris’s blog… Check Paris’s blog here I headed up to Brisbane to attend a vintage BMX show and had to catch up with some old school friends that I hadn’t seen for 20+ years! So i had no choice but to leave a mark again and paint a few pieces for the […]

Butter Beats Ray Bans cross promotion 7.10.2010

Interview with Jason Woodward as part of a Ray Bans cross promotion.   Have you ever watched one of those movies set in record stores (Pretty In Pink, High Fidelity, etc) and wished your job was listening to tunes all day and folding band t shirts while waxing lyrical with customers about your favourite records?Jason Dax […]

Butter Beats moves GC store 2008

Press release Butter Beats record store New store opening Friday 13 June  Butter Beats is opening a third store at the Gold Coast on Friday 13 June, Gold Coast customers will be able to enjoy all the products and services available at Butter Beats City and Valley in Brisbane including Rare and collectible records New […]

Customer Of The Month

Butter Beats like to thank and celebrate our customers. Each Month we will present our customer of the Month. Past collectors include DJ Bribe, Crazy Willie…   Butter Beats Customer of The Month 2003 Grandmaster Flash popped into Butter Beats chasing a DC La Rue break… he did an instore as well. Here he is […]

New Arrivals 1/4/2012

New Arrivals 1/4/2012 Above the Law “V.S.O.P.” (2)Afroman “Crazy Rap” (2)•Tha Alkaholiks “Likwit / Only When I’m Drunk” (1)•Tha Alkaholiks “Hip Hop Drunkies” (2)•Tha Alkaholiks “Likwidation” (2Tha Alkaholiks “Make Room” (1)The Beatnuts “Off the Books” (2)The Beatnuts “Watch Out Now” “Turn it Out” (2)Beastie Boys “Intergalactic” (2)Beastie Boys “Paul Revere” (1)BIG “Party and Bullshit” (1)Big […]