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Disco Watt 7 inch Oz Funk Disco

Artist: George Patterson Title: Disco Watt Watcher Year: 1980?? Label: Telecom Review: Kasino Very rare aussie disco cheese lite promo record for the Government phone department, notorious in the early 80s for their slow service Telecom. This Melbourne made record has a white disco sound. Could be sampled by the creative producer type. Cheesy lyrics […]

Soundwaves LP by Philip Crawshaw – 1980 Oz Synth private press

                Soundwaves LP by Philip Crawshaw – 1980 Oz Synth private press Artist: Philip Crawshaw Title : Soundwaves Format: LP Label: Kanangra KL006 Review: E. Rinon This organ and synth player nicknamed himself  “The Music Man” real name Phillip Crawshaw. Was playing an organ, 2 synths, electric piano, […]

Outline – ‘How Can I Get Out? b/w ‘Sleep’ 7 1981, rare oz music

ARTIST- Outline TITLE –  ‘How Can I Get Out? b/w ‘Sleep’ FORMAT – 7″ 45rpm. YEAR – 1981, LOCATION – Sydney Australia. CATALOGUE – Powderworks Records & Tapes, MS 505. This here will stick out in any dig due to it’s clear plastic sleeve plus tree amber sap vinyl show-off. Visual cue aside, The songs held […]